Remembering Jermaine (from Amanda Pannell)

The passing of Jermaine brings me great sadness, but when I think of all of those years hustling and grinding to get the story – I can only smile. Jermaine and I first met during my time as a producer for NewsWatch at the Student Media Center (SMC) at Ole Miss. After becoming manager, Jermaine who often knew the ropes before the ropes were even sown together, always challenged me to accomplish more, to dig deeper, and truly kept me on my toes as a manager and as a journalist.

Before I knew it, years had passed and this place where I wanted to get experience for the work world had evolved into my family, my friends, my collegues. Countless nights were spent alongside Jermaine working on the ASB debates, calling every contact to get the big news story of the day, and in all honesty laughing and joking along the way. Jermaine’s wittiness, sense of purpose and direction was a huge part in my daily creative process and so many great ideas came from the man himself – not to mention, he was pretty damn funny too.

During my time spent at SMC, Jermaine was a huge part of what we then called “media convergence” and he played an intregal role in creating, designing, and producing what is now known as the TheDMOnline. Jermaine was not only a student and alum of Ole Miss, but he was a part of history. With his efforts, journalism at Ole Miss was revolutionized and he changed the way we all thought about reporting the news.

Not just that, Jermaine sat on the same Student Leadership Council as I when the monument for James Meredith was placed on campus. This day will always be embedded in my mind and I consider this one of our biggest accomplishments. I’m so glad I shared in this historical moment with Jermaine and I know how much this meant for him as well.

There are countless memories of sitting at SMC in the late night hours rehashing the days news or trying to mediate the next day’s work – countless memories of playing games at my house or grabbing drinks at the square after a long day’s work. Just countless memories of his spontaneity, sarcasm, wit, intelligence. My time spent working with Jermaine in the Ole Miss Student Media Center is more than a memory to me – it was the best time of my life and molded my career, my personality, and my work ethic.

May angels lead you in friend.


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