Memories of Jermaine (from Brandon Ross)

Graceland Too, 2006

Graceland Too, 2006

I was not happy with Jermaine at this moment. I don’t even remember why, but I remember being so angry with him. That was not uncommon.

Then we went into this old guy’s house at Graceland Too in Holly Springs, Mississippi. The place stunk. Arvinder didn’t quite understand what was happening. I think the old guy might have touched Haley inappropriately. He threatened to put Jamie into forced labor in the backyard because he “looked Mexican.”

Everyone was just happy to have survived the experience, as shown in this photo. No one had to fake a smile. It was a moment I remember like it was last month.

What I remember most about Jermaine was how smart he was. He never stopped thinking. Analyzing. It was remarkable how much he knew about everything going on around him.


We’re all changed by people moving in and out of our lives.  It’s a strange thing.

You take a piece of them with you, they take a piece of you.

And you’re now carrying around a little more, a little less.

Your mass changes.


I can’t imagine anyone not being changed from knowing Jermaine.

I hope he has found peace.



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