Need a grand idea

Hi everyone, we are looking for, well, quite honestly, I don’t know what we are looking for. Of course we’ll send flowers. This memorial is for us and so that his family will know what he meant to us. Plaque. Brick. Text books for a broke kid. Low key. High impact. Of course Ole Miss would have to okay anything we did. Or not.


6 thoughts on “Need a grand idea

  1. Thanks for setting this up, Ralph. I’ll repeat what I said on Facebook: Jermaine’s heartfelt contributions to the university, to our program and to student media were an inspiration. I agree with Amanda’s ideas. We could also consider planting a tree in his honor and adding a placard nearby. Or we could dedicate a stone bench where people might sit and look at some part of campus that he loved. I like the idea of dedicating something to him that others can enjoy. Maybe they’ll sit under this tree or on this bench and reflect upon the kind of person he was and how much he meant to all of us.

    Whatever we do, I’d like for it to last. One sure way to guarantee that is to contribute something that, like I said, others can enjoy or use.

    If we do decide to do something that will require a bit of monetary support, we should set up a Kickstarter. I’d recommend talking to the university, first, if we’re going to change the landscape with tree or a bench, however.

  2. Why not go together and get a small scholarship fund for SMC students in Jermaine’s name. Maybe $1000/per year or something? Would that be hard to set it..It doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you can’t afford books…it’s a huge deal

  3. I think it’d be really nice to let his legacy live on through something that provides for others – along the lines of “text books for broke kids.” I don’t know what though. I personally didn’t know Jermaine well enough to know what’s appropriate. It should honor him and also help someone else overcome something he wouldn’t want another student to face. Haley mentioned some of his coming out troubles. We all know the mental anguish of being full-time student editors/producers/etc. If you count the other communities Jermaine touched at school like student government, the Honors College, and the black student body, there probably are a good number of us who would donate to fund more than a bench. Or we could combine efforts. “Former SMC leaders’ tktktk fund.” Ralph, ideas?

  4. That’s brilliant. I was thinking too small. Jermaine believed in service, so if you guys can think we can pull it off, let’s serve others in his honor. I love the idea of a scholarship!

    Think we can make this a reality?

  5. I haven’t had time to process this very well, but I think a scholarship would be the right path, even if it is a ‘text books for broke kids’ type and size. It is something we discussed many, many years ago. I think a plaque at SMC or the J-School or the Lott Institute would be great, but I know that he would want something useful that bears his name that would help someone. He left his mark on Ole Miss without a doubt. I think he would be greatly honored by a scholarship that would benefit students and would continue his impact and legacy.

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